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Butter Side Up

A riveting, true story of an ordinary heroine’s extraordinary journey traversing sudden, catastrophic change.

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About The Book

When the unexpected occurs, how do you successfully navigate change so you land butter side up when life turns the tables?

Butter Side Up is not self-help jargon—it is edutainment for the soul. This riveting, true story reviews Jane Enright’s extraordinary journey as she navigates three life-altering events in the span of twelve months, losing everything, and coming out the other end stronger and more resilient than ever before.

Using a creative “OMG™ how-to” strategy with a healthy dose of humour along the way, Butter Side Up will inspire you to overcome your fear of change, so you feel better equipped to embrace and navigate all that life throws at you.

Now a 2021 Eric Hoffer Awards Finalist!

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Jane Enright author of Butter Side Up: How I Survived My Most Terrible Year And Created My Super Awesome Life, published by She Writes Press, and Jarie Bolander author of A Little Nudge to Keep You Going, team up for an incredible night of discussion, inspiration, and celebration.


After reading Butter Side Up,

you will learn how to:

Successfully manage unplanned change.
Explore techniques to build strength in the face of adversity.
Advocate for yourself and others in difficult situations.
Design a new storyline for your super awesome life after an unplanned change.
Handle things even when they are turned upside down.
Believe in yourself and your ability to take each day (and each step) toward your best life.
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About The Author

An inspiring and humorous thought leader, Jane Enright speaks to audiences seeking answers for their grief, stress, loss, depression, anxiety, stagnation, indecision, sadness, and more. From top executives to stay-at-home moms, she is helping audiences throughout North America land “butter side up.”

She reveals how unexpected change can also open doors, bring us joy, happiness, and excitement, offer new opportunities and experiences, usher in new love and friendships, and build faith, strength, hope, and courage we never knew we had.

Jane Enright

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My Super Awesome Life TM

Author Jane Enright is also the founder of My Super Awesome Life, a website and online community dedicated to teaching others how to land butter side up in the game of life. The community offers a playbook approach with stories and a healthy dose of humour to inspire:

  • Strategies and know-how to successfully navigate unplanned change in your life

  • Clarity of thought so you can find answers when you need them

  • Courage to handle things when they are upside down and advocate for yourself and others in difficult situations

  • Strength to help you let go when all you want to do is hold on, and help you hold on when all you want to do is let go

  • Stories and ideas to help you find balance and fun in your life

  • Encouragement to believe in yourself and keep moving forward, so you can make your ideas happen and come out a winner in the game of life

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Book Reviews

“Enright is a wonderfully clear-minded narrator of her own experiences… The result is a stirringly believable tale of personal reinvention. An unsparing, ultimately uplifting account of turning a crisis into a new view of life.”

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